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Dragon King's Son-In-Law
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
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Chapter 717 – A Part Of Fate poor terrify
She always noticed unfamiliar to Hao Ren, so he didn’t dare to relieve her as an regular attractive lady. Also, he didn’t dare to cover up factors from her.
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It sounded like Girl Zhen didn’t want Hao Ren and Su Han just to walk around this palace randomly. She also didn’t decide to different Hao Ren and Su Han into different bedrooms.
“Nevermind. Qiong Qi is actually powerful to suit your needs guys to cope with. You males can go rear,” Young lady Zhen waved her hand.
“You folks can sleep here for somewhat. This really is a good place for cultivation. I will come your way males if there’s everything.” Young lady Zhen stood up elegantly and thought to them.
Which meant… the purple precious metal hairpin which had been with the cave entry ways that night… in the middle of stacked dry forest and swaying bonfire…
Girl Zhen was happy being tackled as Auntie by Hao Ren. Hao Ren was the bloodstream sibling of Zhen Yuan Zi, but he still resolved her as Auntie. In this situation, her rank was greater than Zhen Yuan Zi’s.
Afterward, she walked to Hao Ren and Su Han and applyed them some green tea through an reluctant expression.
Black tights covered around her very long feet. Regardless that those weren’t the lengthy robes for cultivation, her position still appeared wonderful.
“I choose to sleep at night,” Hao Ren viewed her and explained.
Duan Yao immediately required a cooking pot of warm water through the maid outside when she noticed Woman Zhen sitting. Then, she returned into the room and put some tea for Lady Zhen.
The character basis level at the center of the Demon Seas was greater than any locations where Su Han ended up being to. Certainly, she simply had to cultivate effectively with her time.
Obviously, this sort of joke quickly went through her intellect. She wouldn’t contain the condition to themselves. The actual reason that she was happy was that Hao Ren didn’t put up an att.i.tude as a result of his a.s.sociation with Zhen Yuan Zi.
Also the Spirit Growth World cultivators and Heavenly Dragon couldn’t get into this main area in the Demon Ocean, but Hao Ren and Su Han were actually privileged to determine this through using Girl Zhen!
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
“Yes, Princess Zhen,” the two maids saluted towards Girl Zhen.
18 rays of lights photo from the yardage.
Hao Ren achieved out his arms and thighs, sliding himself about the sleep and didn’t desire to move anymore. His mother nature fact was restored through Zhen Yuan Zi’s Immortal Berry. Nevertheless, his entire body that has been almost wrecked by Qiu Niu still suffered from extreme soreness.
Young lady Zhen didn’t question Duan Yao to take a seat she permit her to stay deliberately to field her a little bit more.
Duan Yao who had been training sword procedures in front of the Taichi Palace found Young lady Zhen and happened to run toward her quickly and gladly.
“There’s nothing wrong that you simply men like the other person.” Girl Zhen lowered her mind slightly and looked like she was in a despair point out. She regular the keyword phrases that Zhen Yuan Zi reported well before, “The experience of affinity acquired pa.s.sed…”
“How was the struggle within the Nine Dragon Palace?” Young lady Zhen gathered the teacup and blew on it to awesome it downward as she expected Hao Ren.
However, in Girl Zhen’s territory, she was tame similar to a bunny. The instant Girl Zhen sat decrease, she immediately applyed her teas. If Girl Zhen appeared slightly depleted, she would take the initiative to ma.s.sage her feet and shoulder muscles.
Which meant… the purple rare metal hairpin which was for the cave entrance that night… in the middle piled dry up woods and swaying bonfire…
She was wearing a long pinkish skirt and appeared lanky and rather. Underneath the lamps of the spectacular palace, she looked similar to a minimal Girl Zhen.
Considering the fact that a tiny small bit of Young lady Zhen’s spirit feelings continued to be during the purple golden hairpin, then Young lady Zhen probably understood exactly what Hao Ren and Su Han come across.
“Yes, Princess Zhen,” the 2 maids saluted towards Woman Zhen.
The Stowaway Girl
Duan Yao was Young lady Zhen’s disciple, and Su Han and Hao Ren had been Girl Zhen’s visitors. In this case, her position was already much less than their own. Unless Girl Zhen inquired her to take a seat, she wouldn’t have a seat presumptuously.
The outside community, the inner town, the protection surfaces, the noble palace…
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
“Um…” Lady Zhen raised her hands and yawned lazily as she questioned, “All performed?”
It seemed like Duan Yao was having a decent living during the Demon Sea, and Young lady Zhen seemed to handle her perfectly.

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